Prayer Times Calculator v3.0

by Dr. Monzur Ahmed

Copyright 1988- 2010, All Rights Reserved

Released 7th December 2010

Prayer Times Calculator v3.0 (PTC3.0) is a computer program which calculates the daily Islamic Prayer (Salat) times, Qibla direction and magnetic declination for any location in the world. It has a user-modifiable database of locations. Prayer times are tabulated for a month and plotted on a graph showing annual trends. Tabulated data may be printed out or saved as an Excel spreadsheet. It has an extensive help system. There are many user defineable options.

System requirements: PTC should run on any PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7. I have not tested it on Windows 98 or earlier but it may run on these systems.

Download: ptc30zip (2.4MB) or ptc30.rar (2.3MB)

Down load either of the above files and unzip/unrar into a directory. Unpacking gives the following files:

Place all files in the same directory and run the PTC30.exe file.

If you are using a networked computer (as opposed to a stand-alone computer), please read the help_on_help.txt file which contains important information about activating the help file.

Main Window:

main screen


Qibla details:

qibla screen


Location Database



Options Menu:



Copyright Dr. Monzur Ahmed, 1988-2010

All Rights Reserved

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